Olive oil and pecorino cheese, the elisir of long life

Sardinia is a magical island rich of natural beauty and nourishing traditions. The all year around sunshine, the presence of the sea and its nature, make Sardinia a unique place. With its own food traditions, regional recipes, amazing wines and olive oils, this land has a lot to offer to foodies.

Not only good for taste but for health too. Indeed, Sardinia is famous for being home of many Centenarians: scientists from all over the world are currently studying the Sardinian lifestyle seeking the secrets of the long life of its inhabitants. According to their research the Sardinian diet is the key of this elisir of long life; cereals, vegetables and, above all, the extra virgin olive oil which is the base of Sardinian dishes, help to keep the population healthy for a long long time!

Gallura, an area in the middle-north of Sardinia, is one of the most fertil land of the region and it’s here that our friends Gianfranco and Francesca own and run their farm, Il Muto di Gallura. In Aggius, a small and charming village not far from Tempio Pausania, they grow their olives and vineyard while their animals are free into the property. It’s in this farm that our olive oil is made. A top quality extra virgin olive oil made by the “first olives”, it means the harvest of the beggining of the autumn, when the olives are still green. 

Not only, the olives must be cold pressed not later that 24 hours after the harvest, only in this way they can produce the finest and fruitest extra virgin olive oil.

 It’s in the same environment and with the same attention to the raw materials that our Pecorino Sardo cheese is made. This aged sheep cheese is made by Gianfranco and his wife following the regional recipes and only from local milk. Crumbly, but still very delicate, it’s perfect as table cheese or grated on pasta or soups.